Screw Anchor (Socket Type) 10

1.Name: Screw anchor (Socket type 10") 2.Rate:10000 ft.-lb 3.Material: carbon steel 4.Coating:Painting 5.Thread: M20 / M24 thread 5/8" 3/4" 1" thread .. [More]


1.Name: Locks 2.Material: Steel alloy 3.Coating: Zinc Plating .. [More]

Insulator Fitting

1.Name: Insulator fitting 2.Material: Steel 3.Coating: Hot dip gal .. [More]


1.Name: Machining parts 2.Material:Carbon steel, stainlesssteel, aluminium, brass etc 3.Surface treatment: Allkinds ofsurface treatmentare ok. Polishing, Zinc plating, Powder coating etc .. [More]


    Shanxi Century Metal Industries Inc. is a privately owned and export-oriented manufacturer. Our production range inlcude investment casting, fabrication, CNC machining and assembly, and our quality products are being exported to United states, Canada, Austrailia, Demark, Korea and many other countries since 1998.

    With many years experience in metal processing, quality control and customer service, we have set up our unique management system for all our products.  

    We start with your technical specification, our design engineers will work with your engineers to understand all of your requirements, recommend you the most effective production method, improve product performance and keep production costs to a minimum. After finalizing design and production method, production QA will be made by our engineers, and will be followed in production process. We will oversee all facts of the manufacture process, including casting, forging, machining, assembly, painting and galvanizing.  

    We have a fully equipped laboratory with chemical composition tester, tensile tester, impact tester and hardness tester, our inspection engineer conducts mechanical property testing on each batch prior to delivery.  

    All products made by us and all components sourcing from other manufacturers will be 100% inspected by our professional inspectors according to strict final inspection QA, which include material checking, visual checking, gauges checking, finishing checking and so on. Any out of specification products will be rejected by our internal quality system. For any delivery we have detailed internal inspection results records, and they are available for customers within 3 years.  

    Complete Quality Assurance system makes our products 100% reliable, so we have very good reputation in our customers, and have become one of the top performers in our market segment.  

    Our main focus is on the manufacture of specialized products for demanding applications, we guarantee economical price, frienly service and superb quality to you. 

    To succeed with us together !


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